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Castillo de Rojo December 29, 2008

Posted by tinywilliam in Castle.

This superb castle by Remyth is an original one at best. With cool red highlights, and great architectural details, this is one heck of a sweet fortress.



1. shadowviking - December 29, 2008

Amazing doesn’t cover it. That deserves a “fridiculawesome”.
But it’s a shame there’s no link to it’s Flickr/Brickshelf page… 😉

2. Will - December 30, 2008

As soon as you get yer butt on AIM, I’ll post a link. 😛

3. Hawk - January 1, 2009

^^ Indeed. That’s kind of part of our blogging policy, Larcenaire… ;P

+I’m sure you know that if you use Flickr’s built-in blogging feature (which I’d really appreciate if you did), it does that stuff automagically.

4. Will - January 5, 2009

It does? Plus, no one told me that, and for some reason it won’t allow me to add a link, so I can’t do anything about it for now.

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