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Amatsu-Kami January 31, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Military, Near-Future, Science Fiction, Starfighters.
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Amatsu-Kami, originally uploaded by Mǝmory.

Memory’s Jiindu theme gets some more air power with the Amatsu-Kami, which features a remarkably large amount of articulation for a fighter, and some impressive sticker work.


Fighter Plane by Newright January 31, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Historical, Military, Steampunk.
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Fighter Plane, originally uploaded by NewRight.

Newright’s fighter plane has a sweet radial engine.

Dr. X’s ‘Lightless Impalement’ Starfighter January 30, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Military, Space, Starfighters.
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‘Lightless Impalement’ Starfighter, originally uploaded by Dr. X..

Dr. X‘s new starfighter has a great organic shape, very menacing.

(Via Brothers-Brick.)

Pirate ship “Little Marie” January 30, 2009

Posted by monkfish44 in Pirates.
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Pirate ship "Little Marie", originally uploaded by the lego dude.

Behold this fine vessel created by The Lego Dude.

Even though it’s not the biggest ship in the world, I love it.

From the creator:

Don’t let the “Little Marie’s” size fool you, this little ship can pack a punch.
She spends most of her time lurking outside of ports in the Caribbean waiting for unsuspecting merchantmen to sail into her path. Where she then plunders and burns!

Erdbeereis1 has fun with Power Miners January 30, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Minifigs, Science Fiction, vignettes.
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Watch your back! , originally uploaded by Erdbeereis1.

Flickr user Erdbeereis1 brings us this well-crafted vignette showing us a slice of the heavily-tunneled underworld of LEGO’s Power Miners universe.

Zirada – Class 1 January 30, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Uncategorized.
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Zirada – Class 1, originally uploaded by tadashistate.

Teen builder tadashistate brings us this sleek little mech. It’s doubly impressive as his first entry into the genre.

M3 Sparrowhawk January 29, 2009

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M3 Sparrowhawk, originally uploaded by Chrispockst.

SCI-LUG’s small starfighter contest has generated a lot of exceptional MOCs, and teen builder Chrispockst’s is certainly among their ranks.

1:1 Indy’s Pistol Replica January 29, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Uncategorized.
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Indy’s Pistol

Originally uploaded by Ewok in Disguise

Ewok in Disguise says his “only reference was actually a toy from the dollar store”…

Looks pretty good to me!

Chuck’s hardsuit gets some Russian Love January 28, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Mecha, Military, Science Fiction.
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Russian Love, originally uploaded by Chewk.

Chuck, the undisputed lord and master of fitting a ‘fig, brings us this incredible hardsuit decked out in Indiana Jones russian stickers.

(via Brothers-Brick.)

Desert Haven January 27, 2009

Posted by Nathan in Near-Future, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.

Desert Haven, originally uploaded by Crimson Wolf.

Kevin “Crimson Wolf ” Fedde presents an impressive climax to his post-apocalyptic illustrated story; one of the few remaining cultural centers of a ravished future earth. From the Cessna and the tractor to the cool techniques on the upper observation area and the precariously parked Volkswagen Type 2, the meticulous detailing is enough to keep one glued to the large sized photo page on flickr for some time.