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NATO Armor, The Sequel April 28, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Armor, Cyberpunk, Military, Near-Future, Science Fiction.
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NATO Armor, The Sequel, originally uploaded by [Carter].

Carter Baldwin ([Carter] has been building great ‘NATO armor’ for quite a long time, but this new group shot, including a new tank (of which more pictures are forthcoming), is really very impressive. Hopefully these forces will be arrayed at BrickWorld for all to see.


Snow Battle by Tim ltd April 27, 2009

Posted by cptdecius in Armor, Military, Minifigs, Science Fiction, vignettes.
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There are so many LEGO creations out there which deserved to be written about. That being said, our blog nor any other Lego blog out there, including the Brother Brick, can write about every single well built LEGO creation. On that note, I feel that Tim Ltd, also known as” Wolfy T,” is a builder which deserved to be blogged more often. I think this diorama says it all. The great vehicles along with the landscape and action in makes for a great MOC.
Snow Battle

Snow Battle Originally Uploaded by Tim Ltd

Strelitzia by Geoff Herndon April 26, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Military, Space, Starfighters.
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Strelitzia, originally uploaded by Tekka Croe.

Flickr-based builder Geoff Herndon (also known as Tekka Croe)’s newest starfighter, the Strelitzia, seems to be an improvement of his earlier fighter, the Firstborn, an amalgamation of his award-winning Firefli and Peter Morris’ Archangel. Even if it isn’t, this fighter is definitely blog-worthy.

Oh, and the decal work is sweet.

Vid’s HoverCraft April 26, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Fantasy, Military, Steampunk.
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HoverCraft, originally uploaded by Vid’.

Chase Lewis (Vid’ on Flickr)’s most recent creation, this nifty little steampunk vehicle, is awesome (especially the bottom) and just called out for me to blog it.

Also: We’re still alive! Look! Alive!

Bird o’ Prey Redux by AfroEngineer April 18, 2009

Posted by cptdecius in Animals, Minifigs, Prop Replicas, Real Life, vignettes.
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What I like personally about this MOC is the water. It seems as though this is the first slopes water I have seen in a while. Well photographed, well organized, and a good looking bird.

Bird o' Prey Redux

Bird o’ Prey Redux

Originally Uploaded by AfroEngineer

Transport Truck April 18, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Armor, Cyberpunk, Military, Near-Future, Science Fiction.
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Transport Truck

Originally uploaded by Pyreƒyre

Pyreƒyre is awesome. His MOCs are even more so. Check out this military transport truck- with nifty SNOTwork, tasteful little splashes of red and orange and a slick shape, it has everything you could want in a transport truck. Except for massive rocket boosters.

Ccythra will grind your bones solely for his own enjoyment. April 17, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Castle, Fantasy.
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Originally uploaded by Kǻrrde

This mythical MOC by Karrde is monstrously awesome. I’m particularly loving the legs and kilt. The chain and skull are great touches, too…

Hey guys look we’re not dead! April 15, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Military, Science Fiction, Space, Starfighters.
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Hr-18 Interceptor, originally uploaded by Dr. X..

Also this fighter by Dr. X is awesome.

Urban Operatives April 15, 2009

Posted by Nathan in Military, Near-Future, Science Fiction.
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IIIL-L Intelligence Van

Originally uploaded by »hobo«

We’ve been lucky enough to see two distinct two riot-crushing military police vehicles surface today, one by Victor “Hobo” Vitale and the other by Chuck “Chewk” Citrin.

Both inspired by the trademark style for military vehicles known as RAMM created by a fellow TFOL (the latter actually shares the same acronym and color scheme), the two sleek 4x4s present an intimidating display of modern tactical enforcement of state security.

RAMM Militärpolizei Auto Mk. II

Originally uploaded by Chewk

Oh yes. April 10, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Modern, Near-Future, Science Fiction.

Power Tractor

Originally uploaded by Tekka Croe

Tekka Croe has just built a fantastic little Power Miners MOC. Really nice for what he calls a “quick little… MOC”. Wacky-awesome shape, too- and I love the integration of the hockey mask in the back.