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“Nothing is impossible.. What you want is simply expensive” May 3, 2009

Posted by Nathan in Historical.

"Nothing is impossible.. What you want is simply expensive"

Originally uploaded by Chrispockst

Chris Pockster presents us with a wonderful bit of historical scenery depicting a piece of equipment called a magnifying transmitter in the Colorado Springs laboratory of the early 20th century electrician and inventor Nikola Tesla. A Serbian immigrant to the United States, Tesla founded modern electricity through the use of alternating current now fed into every modern household as well as being the first to transmit information over low electromagnetic frequency, or what he know today as radio. In his later years, he even began to work fantastic albeit impractical visions of globally wireless electricity, and even an anti-aircraft electric death-ray. As you can see, he was, quite clearly, much cooler than Thomas Alva Edison (who instead used AC to power the first electrocution chairs to prove its “danger” to the public). As the lesser recognized electrician of the two, it’s great that our friend Chris has built this as a well deserved, posthumous homage to a great man. Bravo.


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