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DSe-01 Hardsuit by pyreƒyre August 25, 2009

Posted by cptdecius in Armor, Fantasy, Hardsuits, Mecha, Military, Minifigs, Science Fiction, Space.
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A deep sea exploration suit; SubApoc.

pyreƒyre brings us yet another beautiful hardsuit, this time, for the ocean blue. This is the most recent of his hardsuit’s and is certainly excellent. I find myself thinking it hard to believe that some people can get their suits so complicated. I would easily rank this suit equal to that of Tim Z.’s or Chucks.

Originally uploaded by pyreƒyre


BrickWorld ’09 June 24, 2009

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BrickWorld 2009 was for the most part, a great success. The real highlight was the Micropolis, and the Space display, for me. Space has died ever since Brickfest ’06, however, this year, Starfighters and SHIP’s ruled the half the tables of AMCP display. Castle was a little disappointing this year, but it was still cool since Peter brought along his castle. The vendors were expensive as usual. This year, there were not as many trains, which is a good thing and a bad thing for many people. All in all, a great convention with a staggering 556 attendees. 
BrickWorld SHIP's (Nannan Zhang's Picture)/SHIP WIP

^That wasn’t even all of the SHIP’s. There were two more.

Some Towers by Adam Tucker

Now, all we have to do is start preparing for BrickWorld 2010. Next year, we have the whole hotel.

FOURTY-TWO! June 5, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Armor, Classic Themes, Mecha, Military, Science Fiction.
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Mutebank-42 “The Answer”

Originally uploaded by McZargåld

Flickr user McZargald’s been blogged here a few times before, but his new mech, nicknamed ‘The Answer’, is OHMYGAWDYES.

“Patmos” Lightsuit May 18, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Armor, Hardsuits, Mecha, Military, Science Fiction, Space.
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"Patmos" Lightsuit

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von Tekka Croe

Compact, well built, and inspired by Appleseed. What’s not to love about this brilliant little hardsuit by Tekka Croe?

M4 Paladin Mechanized Armor System May 5, 2009

Posted by tinywilliam in Armor, Cyberpunk, Hardsuits, Mecha, Military, Near-Future, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.
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M4 Paladin Mechanized Armor System

Originally uploaded by нawk

Darn lovely hardsuit by our very own Hawk Weisman.
(Seems many others loved it! What, like 15 faves?)

Speedymech is speedy May 3, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Armor, LEGO Photography, Mecha, Military, Real Life, Science Fiction.
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Ursprünglich hochgeladen von Lord Dane

This awesome little walker by Lord Dane grabbed my attention not only for the quality of the build, but also for the fantastically used natural background. Often MOCs look small and out of place outside, but here this is not the case! The mech seems like it belongs here. Well done.

Shell Shock May 2, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Armor, Cyberpunk, Mecha, Military, Near-Future, Science Fiction.
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Shell Shock, originally uploaded by KryptonHeidt.

This mech by Flickr builder KryptonHeidt makes use of curve pieces for a sleek, streamlined feel. Lovely color scheme, too.

NATO Armor, The Sequel April 28, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Armor, Cyberpunk, Military, Near-Future, Science Fiction.
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NATO Armor, The Sequel, originally uploaded by [Carter].

Carter Baldwin ([Carter] has been building great ‘NATO armor’ for quite a long time, but this new group shot, including a new tank (of which more pictures are forthcoming), is really very impressive. Hopefully these forces will be arrayed at BrickWorld for all to see.

Snow Battle by Tim ltd April 27, 2009

Posted by cptdecius in Armor, Military, Minifigs, Science Fiction, vignettes.
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There are so many LEGO creations out there which deserved to be written about. That being said, our blog nor any other Lego blog out there, including the Brother Brick, can write about every single well built LEGO creation. On that note, I feel that Tim Ltd, also known as” Wolfy T,” is a builder which deserved to be blogged more often. I think this diorama says it all. The great vehicles along with the landscape and action in makes for a great MOC.
Snow Battle

Snow Battle Originally Uploaded by Tim Ltd

Transport Truck April 18, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Armor, Cyberpunk, Military, Near-Future, Science Fiction.
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Transport Truck

Originally uploaded by Pyreƒyre

Pyreƒyre is awesome. His MOCs are even more so. Check out this military transport truck- with nifty SNOTwork, tasteful little splashes of red and orange and a slick shape, it has everything you could want in a transport truck. Except for massive rocket boosters.