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Holy Crap, Tim August 22, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Cyberpunk, Mecha, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.
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RedWater RCON 00 Sentry

Originally uploaded by ѕроок

I had to start blogging again just for this.


BrickWorld ’09 June 24, 2009

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BrickWorld 2009 was for the most part, a great success. The real highlight was the Micropolis, and the Space display, for me. Space has died ever since Brickfest ’06, however, this year, Starfighters and SHIP’s ruled the half the tables of AMCP display. Castle was a little disappointing this year, but it was still cool since Peter brought along his castle. The vendors were expensive as usual. This year, there were not as many trains, which is a good thing and a bad thing for many people. All in all, a great convention with a staggering 556 attendees. 
BrickWorld SHIP's (Nannan Zhang's Picture)/SHIP WIP

^That wasn’t even all of the SHIP’s. There were two more.

Some Towers by Adam Tucker

Now, all we have to do is start preparing for BrickWorld 2010. Next year, we have the whole hotel.

Sigmar had no sisters! May 7, 2009

Posted by tinywilliam in Castle, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic.
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Sigmar had no sisters!

Originally uploaded by <Shadow Viking>

I love this. Not only because Warhammer is awesome, but also because Peter is awesome.

Let the pics speak for themselves!

M4 Paladin Mechanized Armor System May 5, 2009

Posted by tinywilliam in Armor, Cyberpunk, Hardsuits, Mecha, Military, Near-Future, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.
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M4 Paladin Mechanized Armor System

Originally uploaded by нawk

Darn lovely hardsuit by our very own Hawk Weisman.
(Seems many others loved it! What, like 15 faves?)

Fallout Tank February 10, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Military, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.
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Fallout Tank

Originally uploaded by Zåçh Ç

This fantastic post-apoc tank from Zach caught my eye even as a thumbnail. Very unique and built quite nicely to boot!

Taylor’s Djinn February 1, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Mecha, Military, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.
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Djinn, originally uploaded by -Taylor-.

Blogging Taylor‘s MOCs is quickly becoming a habit for me, and this one is just incredible.

It fits a fig.

Desert Haven January 27, 2009

Posted by Nathan in Near-Future, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.

Desert Haven, originally uploaded by Crimson Wolf.

Kevin “Crimson Wolf ” Fedde presents an impressive climax to his post-apocalyptic illustrated story; one of the few remaining cultural centers of a ravished future earth. From the Cessna and the tractor to the cool techniques on the upper observation area and the precariously parked Volkswagen Type 2, the meticulous detailing is enough to keep one glued to the large sized photo page on flickr for some time.

Dolus, the Liar January 26, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Fantasy, Mecha, Post-Apocalyptic.
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Dolus, the Lier, originally uploaded by -Taylor-.

Taylor, widely considered to be one of the best hardsuit builders in the business, brings us this great little suit, designed as a counterpoint to Tory’s Höðr, which we featured a few days ago. Bonus points for great lighting.

Day Three January 24, 2009

Posted by Hawk in Mecha, Military, Post-Apocalyptic.
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Day Three, originally uploaded by Tekka Croe.

Tekka Croe’s latest mech dio is part of an ongoing story between him and Crimson Wolf. More importantly, it’s like a giant walking greeble. Awesome.

The Bley Juggernaut November 19, 2008

Posted by Hawk in Mecha, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction.
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The Bley Juggernaut: Overall, originally uploaded by Crimson Wolf.

Crimson Wolf’s ”Bley Juggernaut” makes me warm and fuzzy inside.