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Those Riverside Breezes Can Get Rough July 25, 2009

Posted by cptdecius in Classic Themes, Minifigs, Modern, Town, vignettes.
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Erdbeereis1 ventures back into the realm of town vignettes after having recently brought us some beautiful spaceships.

He says:
“Let’s take a walk along the river.
I built this mainly to try out this water idea, which I’ll use in much larger scale in a future MOC hopefully.”

Riverside Stroll

What sold me on this creation was the arches and the water just below them. I could never seem to find a use for that particular piece, but now, since other people do my work for me, everything is well. While this MOC is generally fairly simple, I can see some complicated places which required some different pieces. All in all, it’s a great creation. I look forward to seeing the larger creation this will become!

Riverside Stroll by Erdbeereis1

Originally uploaded by Erdbeereis1.


Office Building and 30s Car July 12, 2009

Posted by cptdecius in Historical, LEGO Photography, Modern, Prop Replicas, Town, vignettes.

Here is something I think should be blogged. Mdrn~Mrvls’, who is usually a strong vehicle builder, now brings us this “Office Building and 30s Car”. Of course, it does have a well built vehicle in it.
Office Building and 30s Car
This creation comes from a series of vehicles that Mdrn is building stretching from a fire engine to a dump truck.

BrickWorld ’09 June 24, 2009

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BrickWorld 2009 was for the most part, a great success. The real highlight was the Micropolis, and the Space display, for me. Space has died ever since Brickfest ’06, however, this year, Starfighters and SHIP’s ruled the half the tables of AMCP display. Castle was a little disappointing this year, but it was still cool since Peter brought along his castle. The vendors were expensive as usual. This year, there were not as many trains, which is a good thing and a bad thing for many people. All in all, a great convention with a staggering 556 attendees. 
BrickWorld SHIP's (Nannan Zhang's Picture)/SHIP WIP

^That wasn’t even all of the SHIP’s. There were two more.

Some Towers by Adam Tucker

Now, all we have to do is start preparing for BrickWorld 2010. Next year, we have the whole hotel.

Murder at the museum… March 23, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Modern, Town.
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Originally uploaded by remyth

Remyth excellently illustrates a murder scene on the sidewalk of an extremely gorgeous museum. While I love the caution tape around the body, my eyes are drawn to the museum itself, and architectural beauty and chock full of great details.

Better still, it’s also compatible with Green Grocer and the other modular LEGO town sets.

Alvin T. ca. 1994 March 19, 2009

Posted by Nathan in Classic Themes, LEGO Photography, Modern, Town.
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This developing aficionado of urban cityscape, at94, definitely deserves a spotlight here on our blog. With talent beyond his years, he’s produced a few notable structures of pastel color in the recent past including the brownstone building seen to the right and the ramshackle warehouse/bridge below.


2 + 2 = 6 (for large values of 2) March 4, 2009

Posted by shadowviking in Humor, Space, Town.
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Futuristic classroom

Originally uploaded by birdboykristian

Bird Boy Kristian excellently illustrates his (quirky and brilliant) vision of a futuristic classroom. I’m especially liking the chalkboard.

Country Smithy February 12, 2009

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Country Blacksmith, uploaded by Kelderic
Check out this lovely half-timbered blacksmith’s shop by Classic-Castle member Kelderic (who may be past his teens, I’m not sure >_>)! It has a lot of great details; my favorite is the thatched roof made from yellow levers but there’s plenty of other things to feast your eyes on.
Kelderic says he’s been working on this a little bit at a time for a year and a half- I say it’s well worth it.

Caterpillar 320D L February 4, 2009

Posted by Nathan in Modern, Town.

Caterpillar 320D L originally uploaded by pitrek02

Extremely talented Polish TFOL Piotr Ślęzak has built an astonishingly realistic model of a Caterpillar excavator to minifigure scale. Simply awesome all around.

Bears’ Lodge by SlyOwl February 2, 2009

Posted by Nathan in Fantasy, Town.

The shingle technique and Barney’s trademark flipper-roofing are definitely the highlight of this quaint forest cabin inhabited by a pair of Fabuland ursus.